2016 Training App Review: TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, and Zwift

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Winter is coming!  With winter, comes the indoor training season for me.  As a person who is limited on time, training indoors is a great time savings solution.  I have nothing against riding outside in poor conditions and the cold.  However, finding the time to dress appropriately, ride to the place where I want to train, and then clean my bike up afterwards; it is time I don’t have.  We have great options today to train indoors.  Options that not only entertain, but provide us efficiency with the time we have.  This blog will focus on the three primary training Apps that I use, or have used in the past.  We will look at what they offer, and who might be best suited for each one.  I cover all of this in my video blog posted at the bottom.  I will not be criticizing any of these training apps, only providing suggestions.  With that said, let’s look at my personal bias and then talk about the training Apps.  You can click on my Video Blog to hear my full review instead of reading everything below.   Continue reading

Spin Class Strength Training “The Mountain”

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First off, I would like to acknowledge that this ride was solely inspired by The Sufferfest video “Thin Air“.  I absolutely used the music tracks and the workout inspiration to build this spin class.  One day, maybe I can convince my Gym to become a Sufferlandrian Embassy, and really crank up the work and motivation in the spin room.  This is a pretty good video that sums up the value of an Sufferlandrian Embassy.

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Connecting Zwift + Sufferfest App + TrainerRoad + Garmin

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Why would you want to do this?  I don’t know, but you can.

Working as a customer service rep for a company that makes an indoor training app, I get asked all manner of questions.  One problem I deal with, or question I get, is connecting your indoor training equipment to multiple Apps.  I developed my three rules to connecting your devices to indoor training Apps to help people understand what they can and cannot do with their equipment.  I will talk about those rules below. I wondered though, could you connect your indoor training equipment to three Apps and a Garmin 520?  Yes, yes you can.  As long as you follow my three rules, you can make it happen.  With that said, let’s get to connecting Zwift, The Sufferfest Training Centre, Trainer Road, and my Garmin 520.  If you want to skip all of the reading, I summarize everything in my Video Below.   Continue reading

Spin Workout Oct 2016 Tabata Death

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screenshot-2016-10-09-11-37-42In October, I really wanted to challenge my indoor cycling students to a truly tough interval workout.  I brought back my Tabata’s for the indoor spin bike.  This workout is posted below, along with my play list.  It is a fairly easy workout to teach.  You spend the first stage of the workout warming the legs up and handing out great pointers on form and style.  Remember, you always need a good warm up, especially before an interval session.  At the end of our warm up interval, we practice the Tabata protocol on the bike.  Practice is needed so your students’ know how to successfully execute the “Tabata Death” workout at the end.  The rest of the workout follows a simple flow.  After the Tabata warmup, the workout is pretty easy to teach; Interval, Active Recover, Interval, etc.  Continue reading

Converting Old Spin Bikes to Indoor Cycling Machines

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Will this really work?  Probably not…

So, I work customer service for a company that provides an indoor training app.  In my role as a customer service agent, my job is to help people find ways to get connected to indoor training.  I always try to find ways for people to save money without breaking the bank.  We all know this cycling hobby can be very expensive if we let it go that way.  So, what do you do if you have some old spin bike in your basement that isn’t technologically gifted?  Well, I have a few solutions for you.  This is a more expensive option than just using a bike, trainer, and old sensors lying around.  You will need to invest in a power meter.  However, this power meter can be used on your bike when the winter turns sour.  Okay, so how do you hack your rusty old spin bike into a device that provides meaningful information that can be captured by a training app? Continue reading

Spin Class Endurance March 2016

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I’ve been away a while doing work and all that.  I have still been teaching some great spin classes at my local studio.  As you may know, we do a rotating schedule like most gyms of Intervals, Strength, and Endurance sessions.  It is always hard, and takes a bit of creativity to really keep a class motivated during and endurance session.  You have to rely more on song selection, variety, and personality.  Below is my workout and playlist.  There are a few mistakes on my workout guide, so use it with caution.   Continue reading

2016 Winter Indoor Cycling Training On a Budget

Hello everyone,screenshot-2016-09-26-21-20-46Those that know me, know that I know work for a company that has a fantastic indoor training app.  My job is mostly helping those individuals work through the mess of technology that can be indoor cycling training.  I also get many, many requests for advice on how to start training indoors and which equipment a person would need.  My first reply to that question is “How much money do you want to spend?”  You see, cycling can be an expensive hobby, and indoor cycling is no different.  You can literally spend thousands of dollars setting up your indoor cycling cave.  What we will talk about today, is how to do it as cheaply yet effectively as possible.  If you want to skip all of the reading, take a look at my youtube video below.  I will cover all of these topics in my video.

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