Teddy Roosevelt and Track Cycling

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The women flying by in a blur during the 40K points race.

I recently had the opportunity to head on up to Trexlertown and watch the USAC Elite National Track Championships.  I am by no means an expert about the intricacies of track cycling.  I am a general cyclists who likes to dabble in bike racing from time to time.  I am also a Father of 3 small girls, and I covet the small bits and pieces of time I can put together for myself and my hobby.  I have always wanted to get up to Trexlertown and watch a track race.  However, with limited time, the voice in my head would always say, “I can watch other people ride their bikes or I can ride my bike.  Nope, I’m going for a bike ride.”   This time I decided to watch other people ride their bikes.  These weren’t regular people though, these were very talented and fast people!  I spent the better part of 3 hours watching in amazement and rooting for “Mac” Cassin.  It was time well spent and I allowed myself to soak up as much cycling as I could.   Continue reading

I’m BAAAACK! And Other Nonsense.

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Not the best title I have come up with.  I had to make a decision last week if I was going to pay the additional money to keep my blog going or just let it slide into the annals of history.  Maintaining a blog ,and paying the additional money for your own web address is not cheap.  Obviously, I have kept my subscription going because I do love to write and record.  I always admit that my writing ability is not the best.  I am working on it.  However, writing a blog has given me perspective on what true writing talent is.  I can spot talent in a few sentences now.  I have a better appreciation for the skill of transforming the written language into art much more than I ever have before.  With that said, things have been very busy.  Continue reading

The Knighthood Challenge from a Mythical Nation

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Knights LogoThis last Saturday I did something that most people consider a little crazy.  I decided to do the Sufferlandrian Knighthood challenge!  What is a Sufferlandrian Knighthood Challenge?  The Sufferfest makes some grueling indoor cycling videos.  These videos are the equivalent of a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session except on your bicycle, set to music, with a compelling story line.  I took on 10 of these videos which took me roughly 10 and a half hours to complete, all in my basement, while trying to raise some money for http://www.pedalagainstptsd.org.  You are allowed 10 minute breaks in between each video for the bathroom, food, hydration, and kit changes.  The journey was long and grueling.  Strava said I rode the equivalent of 172 miles on my bicycle.  ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO MILES!  I felt every bit of it.  Posted below is my written words I captured within 24 hours of my Knighthood.  It’s a bit melodramatic, but the endorphins were flowing and I wanted to write about this crazy experience.  Enjoy!

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Beginnings and Endings

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imagesEverything in life, and things that we involve ourselves in, all have beginnings and endings.  You are born and then we leave this place we call home.  We begin jobs and sometimes we end jobs or change jobs.  Every bicycle race has a beginning and ending.  Every story has pre-face and conclusion.  I retired from the military after 20 years of service.  That was a bitter-sweet ending.  I could have stayed on longer, and would have loved to stay on longer if I could have had a different job.  Something a little more exciting I guess.  However, the kind of job I had, once you get locked in, that’s your job until you decide to leave.  I really do miss the people.  I loved that 20 year adventure.  I began my journey in the military in 1993 and ended it 2013.  I began my journey as a Stay at Home Dad which started right after I retired.  I will always be a Dad.  Those kind of beginning don’t ever end; at least not for a long, long time.   This brings me to my new job and my blog. Continue reading

Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo; Courage, Resilience, and Grace

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Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo 2016 Finishers Badge.

There are times when we have the opportunity to voluntarily suffer for what we love.  Through this suffering, we find deeper meanings within ourselves and we share our suffering with others.  Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo is one of those events we voluntarily do.  Some of our non-cycling friends may consider these sorts of adventures crazy, we may even consider ourselves crazy.  However, the hyperbole within this journey is not as drastic as it seems.  Sure, climbing 8400+ feet in elevation over the expanse of 103 miles seems ludicrous to some, but every true cyclist understands the courage needed, the resilience gained, and the grace bestowed upon us all during a journey of this expanse. Continue reading

Re-Thinking CTL, ATL, and TSB For High Intensity Work

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64636220I am about to dive into a complex topic, and I don’t have the time in this article to cover the basics of using a Performance Management Chart (PMC).  I am writing this article for the reader that is fairly well versed in using the PMC and the specifics within that training log/tracker.

This is the time of year where most cyclists in the northern hemisphere begin to switch from our base phase of training to our build phase of training. In my build phase of training I focus on VO2 Max intervals, Threshold Intervals, and try to get in one endurance ride every week or every 2 weeks depending on my schedule.  The problem I always have when rebuilding my fitness in the base phase (driving up CTL and ATL) and moving into the build phase of my training is, “TIME.”  Most of us average Joe or Jane cyclist have full time jobs and family commitments.  This lack of time forces me to maximize my use of time by completing workouts that are shorter in duration but higher in Intensity (IF).  This results in a flat CTL, meaning your CTL is not losing ground nor is it gaining ground.  The problem with this “Flatness” in my CTL is that it impacts TSB.  TSB becomes nearly useless for me as a gauge on how I’m feeling.  This could also be a condition of being north of 40 years old, I don’t know, but what I am about to propose is something different that I will try out this year.  I want to change the way I compute TSS so it does a better job of representing TSB and how I feel.   Continue reading

Cycle HIIT Class

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The new mashup songs are created on my youtube channel with a link in this article.

I was recently asked to create a Cycle HIIT class for our Tuesday Night spin class in the gym.  I was a little apprehensive about jumping at the opportunity only because creating structured and efficient classes takes a lot of extra work.  Most spin instructors are slaves to their music selection.  You have an idea of want you want to do in your class and then you go out and find the music that works as closely as possible to your workout plan.  It is not easy to find songs that fit your intervals exactly.  The best thing you can hope to do is just turn the music down during the off periods and then crank it back up during the on period.  I decided to take a shot at mashing up my own music using a program called mixed in key mashup.  This program allows you to cut your music and mashup whatever songs you like. I gave it a shot, which took me a few hours to build.  I put my workout plan together, then I mixed the music to my specific intervals.  I will tell you that it was much easier to teach an interval format with songs that actually match your intervals.  More information on how you can get access to my music below. Continue reading